• Will there be multiplayer?
    AC uses a player controlled time velocity that does not fit well with multiplayer. This game is closer to a city builder with strategy elements than it is to a base camp game like AoE.

    If the game works very well and we have funding in the future we could consider a spin off, or a multiplayer mode with fixed time, but we will not compromise single player experience in any case.
    Multiplayer is not a priority for us at this moment.

  • Will there be combat?
    Yes, in the first release there will be combat in the form of raids, but it will be optional.

  • Can I evolve my city from Neolithic, to Rome, Middle Ages or beyond or can I play with Tenochtitlan?
    Not in the first release.

    First release will start with a nomadic tribe and cover Neolithic to the Bronze Age start in Atlantic Europe.
    If the first release works well and we can continue development we will expand the game to other ages/cultures, step by step.

  • Will there be modding support for the game?
    Not for the first release.
    But we know how important modding is for this kind of games, so it will be added later.

  • What will be the system requirements for this game?
    At this stage of development is too early to say, still lots of optimizations are needed, and lots of features are going to be added.
    The game already provides a full range of typical quality configurations though.

    Currently i5 CPU and not too old discrete 2GB GPU is the actual minimum for low settings and for medium map size, but this may change a lot.
    We will know actual minimum requirements near the final release
    Integrated GPU are not going to be officially supported.

  • Will there be Linux or Mac version?
    Only Windows version is planned at this moment.
    Other platforms are to be determined in the future if they have commercial sense for us.

  • When this game will be released?
    We are working with late 2018 in mind, but development times can be unpredictable in complex projects like this one.

  • Will there be Early Access, Alpha or Beta?
    Early Access is not planed and alpha will be closed.
    We think alpha is a development stage, not a product to sell.

    There will be a closed Beta for people who backed the game with the beta access reward.

  • Is there any way to support the game developmet?
    Yes, please, check our "Crowdfunding" section.